Studio Work

I have been playing around with the idea of blocking out images with paint - wiping
out the image...

These pieces are looking at this idea of physically erasing an image. The title A
Perfect Day has been chosen to provoke questions of what is happening behind the 
paint - what has been taken away for us  not to see?

I love the quality of the paint over the image - it bubbles slightly once applied
and wiping the paint in layers makes the paint build up creating these wave like
lines. Both these qualities brings texture to the pieces.

From this concept, I moved quickly on to adding text to the images...

Screen print was used to achieve the text over the photograph.  Paint was applied then
screen print with text again then paint once more. The text can be seen coming through
at certain points in the paint. This has made me very interested in the idea of just
having the text over the paint on top of an image. It seems a bit too busy with the
text all over ... I want the text to be obscured by the paint and the paint obscuring
the image ... layers of obscurity!

~ by sarajaneswettenham on December 14, 2010.

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