Dipping and dripping paint in the studio

Dipping photographs into emulsion paint has developed from simply wiping paint 
across an image. I wanted to find a different way to use a medium to interfere with
an image. The physical act of dipping the photograph into paint is all part of the 

Experimenting with the dipping of a photograph and dripping on to the floor gave
me the idea to catch the drips with text pieces...

It's left to chance to see how much of the word remains. One word in this series
is completely covered leaving the viewer wondering what it could be. As with the 
images which are half covered and the hidden text, the viewer only receives half
the information therefore only have the story. It is up to them to complete it for

More experiments with drips using photographs of Ghost World directed by Terry

Instead of dipping each photograph into the  same amount of paint as before,
each image is dipped in different amounts. The first has the least and the 
last is completely covered. This represents the line used from the film, the 
narrative behind the scene and the physical act of making the image disappear.

The words underneath begin to disappear from the paint dripping down.


~ by sarajaneswettenham on March 17, 2011.

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