Artist Statement

Cinema does not create new emotions, it brings out the emotions we already have inside.
I am fascinated by film as a form of escapism. I am intrigued by the unspoken words, 
the mise-en-scène and the subtlety of sentiments portrayed by characters that makes a 
scene incredibly powerful. 

I take photographs of films from the television screen to make a transition from a
moving image to still. Paint and/or text is then worked over the photographs to erase
the picture which creates loss within the piece. By covering the image in a medium I am
creating a barrier between spectator and scene. I am taking away the viewer’s instant
visual recognition of narrative and force them to look deeper; they search for what is

I am interested in sound manipulation and how one's emotions may be affected by the
simple act of slowing a familiar sound to make it unfamiliar. In doing this, the
listener becomes aware of their presence in the space and subsequently imagines what
they cannot see. My media and sound art both focus on the concept of disruption. The
images are disrupted by confident marks whilst the sound disrupts the silence within a

I am inspired by the work of Ed Ruscha and Fiona Banner. Ruscha for his ‘The End’
pieces which symbolise an old film through the grainy image and lines cutting through.
Banner for her vast landscapes of handwritten text depicting scenes from films through
writing what she sees. Both of these artists are a great influence and their work has
led me into the style I have today.

Alongside my media based works I create figurative drawings with charcoal and paint
portraits. I black out paper with compressed charcoal and rub away for the figure and
handwritten text to emerge from the dark. The portraits are painted to capture an
expression and a moment in time by the people who are important aspects of my life.

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